Has anyone died on the Vendée Globe?

Two deaths and an incredible feat The second edition (1992-1993) was marked by two tragic events. Of the 14 participants (15 at the base) who started on November 22, 1992, seven are still completing the loop. The edition will be won by Alain Gautier on March 12, 1993 after 110 d 2 h 22 min 35 s.

How long does it take to complete the Vendée Globe?

74 days and 3 hours
The course. 44 996.2 kilometers, 24 296 miles: that is the circumference of the Earth and the distance of reference around the world. A revolution accomplished in 74 days and 3 hours during the last edition of the Vendée Globe.

How far is the Vendée Globe race?

approximately 24,000 nautical miles
The race generally covers approximately 24,000 nautical miles (44,000 km) and runs from November to February, timed to place the competitors in the Southern Ocean during the austral summer.

Do Vendée Globe boats have engines?

An electric motor powered by 6 batteries First visible, the biggest cube: it is the electric motor (Only two competitors have electric propulsion in the Vendée Globe 2020). The engine supplied by Oceanvolt weighs 40 kg (AXC racing version).

What is the prize for winning the Vendée Globe?

In 2016, Armel le Cléac’h, winner of the Vendée Globe, won 160,000 euros. This is a far cry from the result bonuses in other professional sports such as football, tennis or Formula 1.

Has a woman won the Vendée Globe?

Six women entered the 20-21 edition of the Vendée Globe. Two have finished, Clarisse Cremer and Pip Hare, two are still racing, Miranda Merron and Alexia Barrier, and two have retired and returned to the course out of classification, Isabelle Joschke and Sam Davies.

Who’s winning the Vendée Globe?

Yannick Bestaven
Yannick Bestaven won the Vendée Globe solo round the world sailing race after he was handed a time bonus of more than 10 hours for his role in rescuing a fellow competitor, more than 80 days alone at sea and an unusually close final few hours to determine the winner on Thursday.

Who is leading Vendée Globe?

Yannick Bestaven, the 48 year old French skipper of Maître Coq IV, is the overall winner of the ninth edition of the Vendée Globe.

Who will win Vendee Globe 2020?

Yannick Bestaven on Maître CoQ IV wins the Vendée Globe 2020/21.

Who won Vendée Globe?

Vendée Globe/Latest winners

How many people have completed the Vendée Globe?

In 1989, the race that is now called the Vendée Globe, was run. Known as the ‘Everest’ of the seas, it has seen 138 sailors line up at the start, while only 71 have managed to cross the finishing line.

Who is the youngest skipper in the Vendée Globe?

Alan Roura
The youngest skipper on the Vendée Globe 2016 has grown up, even if he is, again, the youngest skipper on the 2020-2021 race. He remains a free spirit, a breath of fresh air and authentic and he carries on the history of Swiss skippers on the race. Meet Alan Roura.

When did the Vendee Globe start in 2012?

The Vendée Globe is a non-stop solo Round the World Yacht Race for IMOCA 60 class yachts this is the 7th edition of the race. The 2012 Vendée Globe started on 10 November 2012. The race saw the 24-hour singlehanded distance record repeatedly reset by several competitors.

Is the Vendee Globe a solo yacht race?

The Vendée Globe is a single-handed (solo) non-stop yacht race around the world without assistance.

When was the first Vendee Globe race run?

The first race was run in 1989–90, and was won by Titouan Lamazou; Jeantot himself took part, and placed fourth. The next race was in 1992–93; and it has since then been run every four years.