For which time period banana is planted?

Banana can be planted throughout the year except in severe winter and during heavy rains when the soil remains very wet. The ideal time (October-November) of planting is after the monsoon season. With assured irrigation, the planting can also be done in February-March.

What is the planting distance of banana?

Dig the holes 50-60 cm in diameter and 60-80 cm deep, depending on the size of the sucker to be planted. DISTANCE OF PLANTING: Generally, saba requires a wider spacing. Distance of planting can be 4-7 meters. However, 4m x 4m is the regularly used planting distance, requiring 625 suckers per hectare.

What is the yield of banana per acre?

While the traditional banana crop gives 20 tonnes per acre, this variety yields 60-70 tonnes per acre. Buoyed by the tissue culture banana, officials are now planning to introduce farming of grapes in the region.

Can I grow a banana from a banana?

You cannot grow a banana tree from a commercially cultivated banana fruit. But, you can procure the seeds from a supplier to propagate a banana tree. Here’s how: Soak the seed for 24-48 hours.

Which fertilizer is best for banana?

When fertilizing a mature banana plant, use 1 ½ pounds (680 g.) of 8-10-10 per month; for dwarf indoor plants, use half that amount. Dig this amount in around the plant and allow it to dissolve each time the plant is watered. Or you can give the banana a lighter application of fertilizer each time it is watered.

How Long Does banana take to grow?

Banana plants grow quickly and can reach their full height of 20-40 feet in only 9 months. After growing for about 6-8 months, the plant develops a nice crown of leaves.

How do you increase the yield of a banana?

Calcium is needed to ensure vigorous root, leaf and sucker development, thereby providing high yields. Its effects are most important in ensuring high quality fruit with long term storage potential. Magnesium and sulfur have a direct effect on yield, increasing the number and weight of fruit per banana bunch.

What is per acre yield of papaya cultivation?

On a conservative estimate, the yield per acre is around 60 kg a year. The fruit is taken at the farm gate at ₹8/kg at present, he said, adding the cost of cultivation was ₹40,000/acre two years ago.

How much does a banana farmer earn?

Unionized banana workers can make $10 a day or more, with benefits equivalent to another $10 a day. Most unionized banana workers have access to healthcare, schools for their children, and housing. Most non-union banana workers make $3 a day or less, with no benefits, and no voice at work.