Does Wren and Spencer get together?

Wren and Spencer have sex at Wren’s apartment in Philly in the book, but they only kiss in the show. Spencer and Wren never dated in the show but they did briefly date in secret in the books. In the TV series, he gets back together with Melissa, and later Alex Drake, Spencer’s twin. In Vicious he ends up with Spencer.

Is Wren A in Pretty Little Liars?

King cleared up that it was Wren — not Alex — who visited Mona (Janel Parrish) in the mental institution at the beginning of the series finale. The showrunner also told Entertainment Weekly that a death scene for Wren (Alex killed him and made his ashes into a diamond) was written, and it sounds disturbing as hell.

When did Wren kiss Spencer?

Kiss scene between Spencer & Wren from Pretty Little Liars. Episode 4 from season 1.

Did Wren think Alex was Spencer?

Relationships. Reason: Wren loved Alex for being herself, not for being Spencer. Wren tried to convince her to give up the game so they could live a happy life together. Reason: Despite her wanting this with him, she also wanted to be seen as Spencer, and Wren couldn’t do that so she killed him.

How is Wren the father of Alison’s baby?

The mystery father of Emily and Alison’s twins has finally been revealed on the Pretty Little Liars series finale… by Spencer’s surprise twin. Call that a surprise within a surprise. She also used his sperm with Emily’s eggs to impregnate Alison. So that makes Wren the father of Emily and Alison’s babies.

Did Wren really love Spencer?

In Season 7, it is revealed that Wren was in love with Spencer’s twin-sister, Alex. He even helped Alex look like Spencer by shooting her, and didn’t try to prevent Alex from torturing Spencer and her friends.

Is Wren a bad guy?

Wren Kingston is a minor antagonist on the Freeform TV show Pretty Little Liars. He was portrayed by Julian Morris.

Why did Alex and Spencer break up?

Spencer and Alex Santiago were dating early in the first season. Alex confided the secret that he had been accepted into a tennis clinic to Spencer. Later, they broke up when “A” sent fake messages to Alex, making him believe that Spencer told his secret.

Who gets pregnant in PLL?

Looks like Ali’s got a secret! That’s right, Pretty Little Liars star Sasha Pieterse is pregnant with her first child.

Does Emily get pregnant in Pretty Little Liars?

In “Twisted” it is revealed that Emily was pregnant with Isaac’s child. She hid in her sister’s college dorm and worked at a restaurant that provided health insurance. During the summer she found a family who adopt the baby. But then she met Gayle Riggs, a woman who would pay for Emily to give her baby to her.

Why was Ezra in A’s lair?

Ezra’s Lair is where Ezra Fitz keeps all items and information pertaining to research and surveillance for the book he is writing about Alison DiLaurentis.

What happened between Wren and Eddie?

After he and Wren got into a heated argument, Eddie mysteriously disappeared before he could talk to the girls. He “knew too much,” according to A. 5. Wren and Melissa were obviously never in love or really dating.