Does Vivofit 2 track sleep?

Best answer: Yes, the Vivofit jr. 2 does have sleep tracking capabilities. The device is equipped with an accelerometer motion sensor that tracks your child’s sleep, which can be viewed in the Vivofit jr. app.

Is Fitbit or Garmin better for sleep tracking?

Fitbit certainly has the edge here. Fitbit does possess the power to use your heart rate to work out when you’re in REM sleep and provide full sleep stages. Garmin used to lag badly in terms of sleep, but also has the ability to see your light, deep and REM sleep.

Why did my Garmin not track my sleep?

If the OHR feature is disabled or if the device is not worn while sleeping, sleep statistics will not display in Garmin Connect until sleep times are confirmed. A valid birth date must be saved in the User Settings in Garmin Connect (see: Changing Device and User Settings in Garmin Connect).

How does my Garmin watch know I’m sleeping?

By leveraging the optical heart rate sensor on the watch, we measure heart rate and Heart Rate Variability (the time measured between each heartbeat) which combined with the accelerometer allows us to determine when you fall asleep, when you wake up, and what level of sleep you are in.

How accurate is the Garmin sleep tracker?

The work provides evidence that a wearable device using only actigraphy and optical heart rate sensors can estimate sleep stages of users to nearly 70% accuracy with a good Cohen’s kappa of 0.54 +/- .

Which Garmin watches have sleep tracking?

Advanced sleep monitoring is currently supported on the Garmin Forerunner 645, Forerunner 645 Music, vivoactive 3, vivoactive 3 Music, vivomove HR, vivosmart 3, and vivosport. It will be coming soon to the Fenix 5 and 5 Plus series.

Do you wear your Garmin watch to bed?

Garmin provides the following guidance for the most accurate sleep tracking: Wear your device at least 2 hours before bedtime and keep it on while you sleep. Make sure your device’s heart rate monitor is on, and the device fits snugly but comfortably.