Does the next step cast actually dance?

Thus every cast member on The Next Step, which debuts on Family Channel on Friday at 7 p.m., has dance credentials, everything from winning medals in international competitions, to appearing in music videos and dancing on other TV shows.

What kind of dancing is the next step?

Contemporary is a dance style that is featured on the show.

Who is the best dancer in the next step?

Congrats to Noah, our Top TNS Dancer Summer Showdown Champion! All votes correct and totaled at 12:00, 24 hours after opening – current totals and results may differ from those that counted towards the Showdown.

Who choreographed the next step?

Chris became the head choreographer at The Next Step Dance Studio in 2006. He remains as the head choreographer for many years, until he leaves to become the co-owner of Superstar Dance Academy. Upon his departure, Phoebe becomes the head choreographer, but leaves after eight months to live in the Galapagos Islands.

How old are the next step dancers?

Victoria Baldesarra and Logan Fabbro are born in the year 1998, making them 17 years old as of 2015. The oldest is Bree Wasylenco ( Miss Kate ) 27 years old The youngest is Logan Fabbro ( Amanda ) 17 years old and Victoria Baldesarra ( Michelle ) 17 years old.

Why is The Next Step so bad?

Poor comedy which feels insanely forced, especially when the fact that all the characters are equally as incompetent and melodramatic as the next one is taken into consideration. It lacks the charm that the first three seasons had. Too much romance and not enough dancing, which is what the show is supposed to be about.

Are Jacquie and Davis actually sisters?

Characteristics. Jacquie has long dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and light skin. Jacquie greatly resembles her sister, Davis, so much so that both a fellow auditionnee and Stacy Carpenter remark on their physical similarities. This physical resemblance is so strong that people even refer to Davis as “Blonde Jacquie”.

Who is best TNS character?

Top Ten Favourite The Next Step Characters

  1. Michelle. Miss National Soloist!
  2. Riley. “Riley is such an amazing character and despite how young she is she always puts the studio and others before herself and she shows that amazing kindness constantly through her 4 seasons.
  3. West.
  4. James.
  5. Giselle.
  6. Emily.
  7. Amanda.
  8. Noah.