Does the GTX 760 support SLI?

In today’s article we’ll use two way SLI GeForce GTX 760 graphics cards. A Crossfire compatible motherboard is pretty much ANY motherboard with multiple PCIe x16 slots that is not an nForce motherboard. A small note, if you are on an AMD processor then on AMD’s side the 900 series chipset supports SLI as well.

Is GTX 760 a good card?

On average the performance of the GTX 760 is between the GTX 660 and 770 / 680 in the Nvidia lineup and between the Radeon R9 270X and the R9 280 from AMD. The performance is sufficient for maximum detail settings in full HD resolution (for games from 2014 and earlier).

How many CUDA cores does a GTX 760 have?

1152 CUDA cores
The GeForce GTX 760 has three of four GPCs, with six SMXes, 1152 CUDA cores, 96 texture units, and 32 ROPS, but retains the 256-bit memory interface. In terms of its GPU and memory clock speeds, the GeForce GTX 760 is right in-line with the GeForce GTX 660.

Can a 760 run tarkov?

To summarise, the GeForce GTX 760 is very capable of playing Escape from Tarkov. Our assessment here for resolution size puts it at 1440p for optimum frame rates when considering graphics quality versus resolution.

Can a GTX 760 run Cyberpunk?

Running a GeForce GTX 760 to play Cyberpunk 2020 shows us that we expect it to return a consistently high 200+ frame rate. This is a powerful graphics card for Cyberpunk 2020 and we can certainly recommend it to deliver 4K screen res at ultra settings. Get a system with at least 0.256GB of RAM though.

Can a GTX 760 run 4k?

Nope, a crappy 10-20 FPS, 2GB won’t cut it, and 760 is not what you should have to play on 4k. 760 is not comfortable with all settings maxed out even on FHD, it won’t manage more than 25-30 FPS on low-medium settings on 4k.

How old is GTX 760?

GeForce 700 (7xx) series

Model Launch Core config1
GeForce GTX 750 Ti February 18, 2014 640:40:16
GeForce GTX 760 192-bit Unknown 1152:96:24
GeForce GTX 760 June 25, 2013 1152:96:32

Does GTX 760 have HDMI?

As the GTX 760 has two DVI, one HDMI and one DisplayPort outputs you should have no trouble connecting it to your monitor. The many outputs also mean you can use multiple monitors in Nvidia Surround mode.