Does Rexton have low-range?

With an old-school, selectable four-wheel drive system and a low-range gearbox, the Rexton is a capable car.

How reliable is a SsangYong Rexton?

The Rexton range has won a decent reputation for reliability thanks to its somewhat agricultural engineering and relative simplicity. There’s a lot more hi-tech kit on the latest model, but the nuts and bolts beneath it should be as solid as ever.

Is Rexton a 4WD?

Rather than being based on a 4WD ute, the SsangYong Rexton is a little different. Although it’s a ladder-chassis 4WD with low-range, diesel power and seating for seven, it puts the chicken before the egg.

Are SsangYong cars reliable?

Owners praised SsangYong for its reliable and practical cars that are easy to use and comfortable. SsangYong was the only carmaker to notch up an impressive 90 per cent approval rating with drivers….

Rank Manufacturer Satisfaction Index Rating
1 SsangYong 90.3%
2 Porsche 89.4%
3 Dacia 89.3%
4 Jaguar 88.7%

Who makes the Rexton car?

SsangYong Motor
SsangYong Rexton/Manufacturers

The SsangYong Rexton (Korean: 쌍용 렉스턴) is a mid-size SUV manufactured by SsangYong Motor since late 2001. The name Rexton is derived from the Latin title ‘rex’ and the English word ‘tone’, which is intended to mean “the ruler’s tone”.

Is the SsangYong Rexton a 4×4?

Impressing with its sheer presence and beautifully balanced exterior, Rexton is a large D/E-segment four-wheel drive offering a prestige cabin for passengers to travel in supreme comfort, while disguising its tough and rugged off-road capability.

Who makes SsangYong Rexton?

SsangYong Rexton/Manufacturers

What’s the biggest SsangYong?

The SsangYong Turismo is one of the cheapest MPVs on sale and also the largest. At five metres in length and with three metres between its front and rear wheels, the Turismo offers a large cabin with plenty of room for seven passengers – and even with all seats filled, the boot measures in at 875 litres.

Is Ssangyong going broke?

Ssangyong Australia says “business as usual” despite bankruptcy filing in South Korea. Struggling South Korean car maker Ssangyong says it is “business as usual” and will continue to sell and service cars in Australia – despite filing for bankruptcy just days prior to Christmas 2020.

Is Ssangyong Rexton a 4×4?

Who makes the engines for SsangYong?

Only one engine is offered for the Rexton, a 2.2-litre, four-cylinder diesel. Unlike previous models with engines produced under license from Mercedes, this engine is all SsangYong’s own work, and it’s impressive.

Is SsangYong going bust?

South Korean manufacturer Ssangyong has filed for bankruptcy in its home country after defaulting on a loan repayment of 60 billion won (£40 million) – but the firm’s UK operations are unaffected by the move.