Does Raku get amnesia?

A doctor explains to Raku and Chitoge that Raku has amnesia. He explains that nothing abnormal showed up on the CT scan, and that they can only wait and observe. Chitoge tells the others about this at the park. Raku is unable to remember anyone, including Shū, his oldest friend.

Who did Raku marry?

He then proposes to Chitoge for marriage in which she happily agrees with. As Raku prepares to leave, Chitoge stops him to remind him that they should kiss. The two are nervous at first because they are both each other’s first kisses; but in the end the two share their first kiss as a couple.

Who is Kosaki Onodera husband?

Yusuke Miyanagi
Gender Male
Age 15 (1st Year Arc) 16 (2nd Year Arc) 17 (3rd Year Arc)
Home country Japan
Goal Earning Kosaki Onodera Affection Become a Top Chef

What happens to Kosaki at the end of Nisekoi?

And to no one’s surprise, Kosaki also has a key to a locket which could potentially open Raku’s locket. Of all the characters in the series, Kosaki grows the most. She starts off as a timid girl but slowly gains her confidence.

Who is Raku Ichijo in the Nisekoi series?

Raku Ichijō (一条 楽, Ichijō Raku) is the main male protagonist of the Nisekoi series that is written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi. He serves as the fake boyfriend of Chitoge Kirisaki for the next three years of his life to prevent a war between the Bee Hive Gang and the Shūei Clan.

Who was the girl who kneed Raku in Nisekoi?

He begins his day, hating it after he got kneed but enjoys it again when his crush, Kosaki, offers him a bandage in the place where he got kneed. As class starts, Raku’s teacher presents a new transfer student named Chitoge Kirisaki who was actually the girl who kneed Raku that morning.

Who is the only girl with long hair in Nisekoi?

According to the most popular theories based on the name and the manga, Raku keeps dreaming about a girl with long hair, and when you take a look at all of the flashbacks in the series, Chitoge is the only one with long hair. The revelation left a number of fans disappointed as we saw absolutely no flashbacks showing Kosaki with long hair.