Does MST negate Trap cards?

Think of MST as Raigeki Break, except it can only destroy Spell and Trap Cards. MST does not negate cards.

Can you chain a trap card to MST?

“After a MST was activated and was targeting”: Yes, the Trap can be activated in response to the activation of MST, as long as its timing is correct.

Does MST negate meme?

It CAN cause your continuous spell/trap cards not to resolve properly.

Does MST negate imperial order?

Yes MST can be played in a chain, and then Imperial Order’s effect will be gone because it is no longer on the field. Also you can play MST from your hand during your turn to destroy Imperial Order.

Can MST target itself?

In general, if you cannot apply the card’s effect when activating a card, then you cannot activate it. Thus, if there are no cards on the field that can be destroyed, then you cannot activate “Mystical Space Typhoon” nor a Set “Raigeki Break”. Also, when you activate “Mystical Space Typhoon”, it cannot target itself.

Can you mst an equipped monster?

Any effect that equips a card to another card is fair game for MST or twin twister. As long as the effect states it is considered an equip card, which is all equip effect monsters pretty much.

Does MST negate continuous spells?

OKAY LOOK. pretty much what everyone’s trying to say is that MST will only negate continuous or spells or traps and field spells. MST doesn’t negate a spell or trap that leaves the field after its effect resolves.

Does MST negate effects?

Everybody should already know MST does not negate the effect of a spell or trap card when activated. Mst is used to destroy normally continous trap and spell cards not negate them.

Does MST negate duel links?

OCG Rulings. “Mystical Space Typhoon” and “Dust Tornado” do not negate the effects of cards they destroy. However the effects of Continuous and Equip Cards need to remain on the field to resolve, so their effects are not applied if they are destroyed.

Can you choose to destroy Imperial Order?

He cannot choose to destroy it by not paying the 700 LP. He must pay until his LP cannot pay anymore.

Does dust tornado negate?

If Dust Tornado card is chained to the activation of a Spell or Trap Card and destroys it, the effect of the Spell or Trap Card still resolves normally since Dust Tornado does not negate its effect.

Can MST destroy itself?