Does iPhone 4 have Siri?

Officially, Siri is only available on the iPhone 4S and the new iPad (third generation).

Where do I find Siri settings on my iPhone?

Go to Settings > Siri & Search, then do any of the following:

  1. Change the voice for Siri: (not available in all languages) Tap Siri Voice, then choose a different variety or voice.
  2. Change when Siri provides voice responses: Tap Siri Responses, then choose an option below Spoken Responses.

Does iPhone 4 have voice control?

With Voice Control on your iPhone, you can do a number of things with your phone, such as play music, call people, and even ask your iPhone the time. or press the Center button attached to the right earbud of your iPhone headset for about two seconds to start Voice Control.

How can you tell if it is an iPhone 4 or 4S?

The iPhone 4 (GSM) has three antenna “breaks” in the metal band (one on the top and one on each side toward the bottom). The iPhone 4 (CDMA) and iPhone 4S have four (two on both sides toward the top and bottom).

Is iPhone 4 and 4S the same size?

The iPhone 4 models are the same dimensions as the iPhone 4S but weigh slightly less — 4.8 ounces (137 g). The iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5 all have dual cameras, but there are important quality differences between them.

Why is Siri not showing up in my settings?

It could be that Siri was turned off in restrictions. Try going to settings>general>reset>reset all settings. This does NOT delete any data. It could be that Siri was turned off in restrictions.

What do I do if my Siri isn’t working?

Quick Tips

  1. Verify your device has a good internet connection.
  2. Reset your network settings.
  3. Check for any obstructions on your microphones and speakers.
  4. Force Restart your device.
  5. Enable Siri in Settings.
  6. Toggle on the Settings for Hey Siri and Press Side (or Home) Button for Siri (or off and on)

Can Siri unlock iPhone?

Your voice is the key to unlocking many features on your iPhone. For example, you can ask Siri to send a text message to a friend, add items to a list, run a custom shortcut, or turn on your lights, but Apple does not allow you to unlock your iPhone with a Siri voice command.

How do I get Siri to answer the phone?

How it works. When a call comes in Siri will let you know who is calling. You can then choose to answer or reject the call. You don’t need to say ‘Hey Siri’, just say “answer”, or “decline”.

How do you reset Siri?

How to retrain Siri

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scroll down and select “Siri & Search.”
  3. Look for the toggle switch for “Hey Siri” and turn it off.
  4. Turn it back on again.

Should I disable Siri?

If we try to be absolutely objective, Siri is not as good of a voice assistant as the one from Google or Amazon. So you might even decide to not ever risk leaking any of your private conversations by turning Siri off completely.