Does glucose give Fehling test?

Hint: Glucose is a reducing sugar and it gives a positive result for Fehling’s test. As cane sugar is non-reducing sugar it does not give positive results for Fehling’s test. To differentiate ketone and carbohydrates which are water soluble, Fehling’s test is used.

What is Fehling’s reagent formula?

Fehling’s reagent (A) | CuH2O4S – PubChem.

What is Fehling test given reaction?

Fehling’s test is used to distinguish between the presence of aldehydes and ketones in carbohydrates as ketone sugars except alpha-hydroxy-ketone do not react in this test. Fehling’s test is performed in medical facilities to detect the presence of glucose in urine.

What is the product of adding Fehling’s solution to glucose?

The anomeric carbon of glucose is involved in the glucose- fructose bond and hence is not free to form the aldehyde in solution. On the other hand, glucose, a reducing sugar, reacts with Fehling’s reagent to form an orange to red precipitate.

Which sugar does not give Fehling’s test?

Fehling’s test is given only by reducing sugars. When Fehling’s solution is added to any reducing sugar then a red precipitate is formed which shows that reduction has taken place. Sucrose does not give this test.

Does glucose reduce Fehling’s solution?

Non-reducing sugars do not have free aldehydes or ketone groups, hence they do not give Fehling’s solution test. Hence, the correct answer is an option (c)- Reddish-brown cuprous oxide.

What gives positive Fehling’s test?

The Glucose structure has an aldehyde group and due to which it gives a positive test for Fehling’s solution. Thus, the right answer is (B) Glucose.

What is tollens reagent formula?

Tollens’ reagent (chemical formula Ag(NH3)2OH) is a chemical reagent used to distinguish between aldehydes and ketone functional groups along with some alpha-hydroxy ketones which can tautomerize into aldehydes.

What gives Fehling’s test?

What is Fehling A and Fehling B?

Fehling A is a blue-colored aqueous solution of copper (II) sulfate (CuSO4). Fehling B is a colorless aqueous solution of potassium sodium tartrate (KNaC4H4O6ยท4H2O, also known as Rochelle salt) in an alkaline base like sodium hydroxide (NaOH).

Which is not give Fehling test?

ketone do not give Fehling solution test.