Does FMA have a different ending than FMAB?

The Ending Undeniably, the biggest difference between Brotherhood and the original is where each series ends. Brotherhood faithfully adapts the manga’s ending, tying every plot point and character up in a beautiful, epic fashion.

Can I watch FMAB without watching FMA?

Can You Watch FMA: B Without Watching FMA? You can absolutely watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood without watching Fullmetal Alchemist. Despite originating from the same manga, both the series are entirely different adaptations.

Is it worth watching both FMA and FMAB?

You should totally watch FMA 2003 after brotherhood , the story is slower paced and there arent many fight scenes but there’s a lot more character development and emotional scenes. Its a completely different story after episode 19 , when the anime caught up to the manga the series became an original story.

Is FMAB a sequel to FMA?

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (FMAB) is the second anime adaptation, released in 2009. It is not a sequel to the earlier adaptation. It’s also longer than FMA, having a total of 64 episodes. You can consider it a reboot since this adaptation is the one that’s more faithful to the manga considering the time frame.

Which is better FMA or FMAB?

I like them both, and each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Brotherhood is like a more typical shounen show, good for it’s fast-moving plot and tighter storyline. Original has better character development and an overall darker feel, and a running theme of obsession and it’s effect on people.

Is brotherhood better than FMA?

Both the 2003 version of Fullmetal Alchemist and the 2009 series, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, are worth watching. While Brotherhood is generally thought of as superior for merely sticking closer to the manga, there are crucial aspects of the original anime series that are simply better.

What comes first FMA or FMAB?

FMA started while the manga was still being made so when it caught up to the manga, it made the rest of the story up. FMAB was produced after the manga finished so it was true to the manga all the way to the end.

Does FMA Brotherhood take place after FMA?

Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood are two separate series. They take place on the same timeline, but their stories are different and unrelated. It therefore doesn’t really matter which one you choose to watch first, but assuming that you have the time for both I’ll make my recommendation below.

Is FMAB worth watching?

It’s worth watching. Yeah. I’m a little bit late to this, but I’m just gonna let you know that the first episode is anime original aka filler so, yeah don’t drop a series just because the first episode didn’t hook you. :P. You really shouldn’t.

Why do people like FMAB more than FMA?

I need to rewatch FMA, I personally prefer FMA:B because I felt the storyline was much more cohesive, much better planned out. I also felt that the characters developed much better over the course of the anime, gaining much more depth and realism. They felt more alive to me.

Why are there two Fullmetal Alchemist shows?

When the original FMA anime first aired in 2003, Hiromu Arakawa’s manga was still actively coming out. Instead of loading the series with filler arcs, creators decided to write a new original plot for the second half of the show.

Why do people like FMA brotherhood so much?

All in all, the show is amazingly deep and enveloped in the emotions that people go through each day. It makes it very easy to identify with characters and feel yourself tied to them. Maybe I’m just a sentimental nutcase, but feeling these human emotions while watching “FMA: Brotherhood” just made it more entertaining.