Does CNN have an archive?

We have selected the best and most popular items from the CNN archives (which spans 35 years) and housed it in the CNN Collection web experience, where you can search, preview, and license with just your credit card.

How do I watch old episodes on CNN?

On the Computer: On, click ‘TV’ then click ‘CNNgo’ to view.

How do I get news footage?

To get this you’ll first want to contact the television network’s licensing branch or archive department if they have one. Major national and international television networks sometimes have specialized repositories that are set up specifically to license footage to other organizations or documentary filmmakers.

Can I use CNN content?

Without limiting the foregoing, CNN reserves the right to use any User Content as it deems appropriate, including, without limitation, deleting, editing, modifying, rejecting, or refusing to post it. CNN is under no obligation to edit, delete or otherwise modify User Content once it has been submitted to CNN.

How do I find old BBC articles?

There are two ways of accessing the archive:

  1. Fast search – using the SEARCH box on the top right hand corner of our news pages.
  2. Advanced search – click on the link in the search results page for more tips and options.

How can I watch CNN live for free?

Visit CNNgo or click Watch Live TV on for a free preview or select your TV service provider for unlimited livestreams.

Is there a YouTube archive?

You can add YouTube videos or channels to your collection in order to crawl, archive, and replay them as you would any other seed site, just so long as you remember to format and scope them according to a few simple rules.

How much does archive footage cost?

Research fees are billed at a flat rate of $50.00-$100.00 depending on the amount of footage requested….Rates.

Commercials (local) $750.00 $75.00
**Project minimum for above media covers the first 10-second shot only. 10-second per cut minimum.

How can I get free news footage?

8 Great Sources of FREE Public Domain Footage for Your Documentary!

  • Pond5 Public Domain Project.
  • Prelinger Archives housed at
  • The Internet Archive Moving Image Archive.
  • The National Archives Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Holdings.
  • Library of Congress American Memory Film Collection.
  • NASA.