Does CACI really work?

There is clinical evidence CACI works. A study at the University of Washington showed microcurrents can increase elastin by 45%, collagen by 10% and the number of blood vessels by 35%. Elastin and collagen are what keep your skin plump and firm, and good blood flow will give you a glow.

What is CACI Quantum?

The CACI Quantum redefines facial muscles, reduces lines & wrinkles and tightens & tones sagging body muscles by using microcurrent facial techniques in conjunction with faradic slimming and toning applications.

How often should you have CACI?

But the benefits of microcurrent are cumulative and for the best results, we recommend a course of between 10 and 15 treatments. Depending on how your skin responds to the treatment, you may need top-up sessions every 4 to 8 weeks, to maintain results.

How long does CACI eye treatment last?

Normally a course of 10-15 CACI treatments are recommended, if client is on antidepressants then results tend to take a little longer so therefore 15 treatments are required. Clients that are not on depressants are recommended a course of 10 treatments.

Does CACI get rid of wrinkles?

Get rid of wrinkles and fine lines with our advanced CACI facial treatments. CACI anti-wrinkle treatments are a non invasive, cost effective alternative to fillers that give immediate results.

Does CACI tighten skin?

CACI treatments lift the face by toning facial muscles, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles and preventing sagging skin. CACI achieves visible facelift results, helping to tighten sagging muscles and skin, and smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles.

What does a CACI facial do?

The CACI Synergy system uses LED light therapy (warm coloured light) to penetrate the skin. This, combined with microcurrent facial toning, regenerates skin tissue, and helps to repair collagen. It’s stellar combo of lymphatic drainage, peeling, cleansing and toning gets to work on deep lines too. Yep, it’s heroic.

What is CACI body treatment?

CACI body treatment is designed to firm up sagging skin using microcurrent technology. Perfect if you want to tackle cellulite, fluid retention and all-round fatty bits, CACI works by stimulating the muscles under the skin, offering the same fat-busting results as a full body workout.

How long does CACI facial last?

probe applicators designed to double the lifting action of the CACI treatment system it offers superb results. This 30-40 minute facial treatment helps to improve the appearance of sagging jowls because it uses the Quad Probes which have been specifically developed to target the muscles around the jaw line.

What is CACI lymphatic drainage?

CACI Anti-Cellulite (45 Minutes) Breaks down fatty deposits and burns fat in the thigh and buttock area. This treatment improves the appearance of cellulite by stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage, which will help to flush toxins away giving a smoother, tighter and dimple free appearance.

What is a CACI body treatment?

What is a CACI treatment?

The CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift is an advanced, non invasive facial. Tiny electrical impulses will lift and tone the facial muscles, whilst improving the skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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For more than 55 years, CACI employees around the globe have been united by our vibrant culture, built on a strong foundation of integrity, good character, and steadfast dedication to meeting our nation’s highest priorities.

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Who is the SVP of CACI Human Capital Management?

The Fortune 500 is an annual list of the largest… CACI SVP Laura Floyd discusses how our experts deliver full lifecycle technology and solutions that drive transformation from “hire to retire” in a new Q&A on Human Capital Management. CACI is ever vigilant in helping our customers meet their enterprise and mission challenges.

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CACI is ever vigilant in helping our customers meet their enterprise and mission challenges. Our approximately 23,000 employees are vigilant in providing the unique expertise and distinctive technology that address our customers’ greatest enterprise and mission challenges.