Does Bioshock 2 have alternate endings?

There are, technically speaking, six possible endings in BioShock 2. There are three main endings (a good ending, a neutral ending, and a bad ending) along with two possible variations of each. The choices you make throughout the game affect which ending you get.

Should I sacrifice myself or save myself in Bioshock 2?

If during the game you rescued and killed some Sisters as well – you will be able to choose if you want to sacrifice or save yourself (however it hardly can be called a proper existence). If you don’t want to sacrifice yourself, you’ll a variation of the bad ending.

Which Bioshock 2 ending is canon?

Multiverse. Whether you harvest or save sisters as either Jack or Delta, and whether or not Lamb is saved or dies, each one happens in a different dimension in the Bioshock multiverse. Every single play-through is a canon, regardless of who’s playing.

Who is the final boss in BioShock 2?

Fontaine (or Fontaine’s Lair) is the last level in BioShock.

What happens if you spare everyone in BioShock 2?

Sparing everyone provides the “best” good end. That said, you can still get a version of the good end by sparing two lives.

What does Ken Levine think of BioShock 2?

Irrational’s Ken Levine Was Happy With Bioshock 2, But Didn’t Feel Like It Was The Right Project For Irrational. The answer’s simple, he told Joystiq that he “felt like we said what we wanted to say about Rapture”.

Who is the final boss in BioShock?

Fontaine (or Fontaine’s Lair) is the last level in BioShock. Jack has finally chased down Frank Fontaine, and now prepares to fight him.

Is it worth saving the Little Sisters in BioShock?

If you save them, you get 80 ADAM. However, the question is made more difficult by the fact that the more sisters you save, the more you’re rewarded with ADAM and items by another character in the game. The game will take care of you either way.

Is there an alternative ending to the giver?

Alternative ending to the Giver. Jonas ran towards the music as fast as his legs could carry him. Gabe stirred and opened his eyes weakly. “We’re here Gabe!” he whispered, feeling excited and quite certain that he had reached his destination after so long. Gabe stared back with emotionless eyes.

What happens at the end of BioShock 2?

The final choice is only given to you if you’ve rescued and harvested at least one little sister (thus dealing with at least two little sisters throughout the game). At the end, you’re given the choice to live or die, and that choice affects the ending you get.

Who are the Little Sisters in BioShock 2?

You can deal with only one little sister or all of them to affect your ending. As well, throughout the game you are given the option of sparing the lives of three figures—or killing them. These people are Grace Holloway, Stanley Poole and Gilbert Alexander.

How did Jonas and Gabe die in the giver?

I think that Jonas and Gabe both died while they were going down the hill on the sled and that the light was his life flashing before his eyes or he passed out and hallucinated the rest of the ride down the hill and the music and people. The comments to this entry are closed.