Does Arnside have a beach?

The sandy part of the beach is not suitable for swimming, or for children to play on, as there are dangerous quicksands in the area. The beach is tidal and the tide moves in surprisingly quickly. Every few weeks, Arnside experiences a small tidal wave known as “The Bore”.

Is Arnside beach safe for dogs?

The beach at Arnside is perfect for walking dogs with a variety of guided nature walks and market trails in and around the town itself. As well as spectacular walks and wonderful scenery, the beach has a number of excellent local facilities including parking, shops, cafes and a small promenade.

Is Arnside nice?

Arnside is an edgy place, in more ways than one. It is on the far North East corner of Morecambe Bay, where the rivers Kent, Leven and Bela meet the incoming tides. And danger is never far away with the lethal quicksands and rushing tides still likely to catch out the unwary.

Is Arnside open?

Closures we are currently aware of: Arnside Country Market – closed until further notice.

Can you swim in the sea at Silverdale?

Swimming: Yes (dependant on tides), but need to be aware of dangers (rip tides, strong currents etc.) No lifeguard cover but beach patrol officers on duty to oversee public safety.

When can I see the Arnside bore?

March through September are considered the best times of the year to view the phenomenon. It typically occurs two hours before high tide.

Can dogs go on Silecroft beach?

Silecroft Beach On the edge of the Lake District National Park, Silecroft has a large shingle beach which gently shelves into the sea, with a stretch of sand exposed at low tide. Facilities: Car park, toilets, seasonal refreshments. No lifeguard. Dog restrictions: None.

What is arnside famous for?

Arnside is famous for its amazing wildlife, stunning scenery and superb walks. From the beauty of the lady’s-slipper orchid to the sands of Morecambe Bay, Arnside is full of natural spectacles and things to do.

Is Silverdale beach Safe?

The bay has quite a few dangerous areas with fast tides and mud and it is recommended to stay close to the shore where you have plenty of sand and rock pools to explore. Facilities include car parking and you also have cafes within the village.

How many people live in Arnside?

Population 2,334 (2011)
OS grid reference SD4578
Civil parish Arnside
District South Lakeland

Is Morecambe beach safe?

There is no lifeguard cover and visitors need to beware of the dangers in the area. Incredibly fast tides, quicksand and other hazards make it dangerous to stray far out into the bay. Dogs are banned from the beach from the start of May to the end of September.

How long before high tide is Arnside bore?

two hours
It typically occurs two hours before high tide.

Where is Arnside Beach in the Lake District?

The small, sleepy village of Arnside is in an idyllic setting on the river Kent estuary, in an area which has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The village and beach offer exceptional views over Morecambe Bay, with the hills and mountains of the Lake District in the background, and a picturesque viaduct crossing over the water.

Where to eat in Arnside Beach, Cumbria?

8 miles) RSPB Leighton Moss Nature Reserve (2.7 miles) Higginsons of Grange (2.9 miles) The Promenade (3.1 miles) St Mary Magdalene Church (3.9 miles) Cartmel Priory (4.6 miles) Cartmel Cheeses (4.7 miles) Unsworthu2019s Yard Brewery (4.7 miles) Lakeland Segway (4.8 miles) Predator Experience (4.8 miles) Places to eat near Arnside Beach

Is the Arnside area open to the public?

In line with government guidance, our countryside space is open for local visitors to access for walks. We ask all visitors to follow guidance on social distancing to keep everyone safe. A place to explore miles of coastal countryside from clifftops to woodland and wildflower meadows.

Is there a train from Morecambe to Arnside?

There are stations at Arnside (0.5 miles), Silverdale (0.5 miles) and Morecambe (9 miles). Regular trains to both Arnside and Silverdale, which have stations on the Barrow/Manchester Airport line.