Do REF panel members get paid?

Panel members will receive fixed fees covering each of the three periods, to be paid at regular intervals. Travel and subsistence expenses will be reimbursed according to an agreed scheme.

What is a REF unit of assessment?

What is a Unit of Assessment (UoA)? A grouping by academic discipline of staff, research outputs, and impact case studies, along with an environment narrative. The University will appoint a UoA Coordinator with overall responsibility for that UoA’s REF submission.

What is the current REF period?

The deadline for submissions is 27 November 2020. Submissions will be assessed by the REF panels during the course of 2021. Results will be published in December 2021, and will be used by the HE funding bodies to inform research funding from the academic year 2022–23.

What is the meaning of panel members?

: a person who is a part of a group of people who answer questions, give advice or opinions, etc. : a person who is a member of a panel.

What does ref stand for?

Ref. is an abbreviation for reference. It is written in front of a code at the top of business letters and documents. The code refers to a file where all the letters and documents about the same matter are kept. [business] Our Ref: JAH/JW.

What are assessment panels?

assessment panel means a committee or sub-committee of a Board (other than the Board which is a party to the contract in question) appointed to exercise functions under paragraphs 31 and 35 of Schedule 5; Sample 1.

Why is REF 2021 important?

In addition to funding allocation, the REF also provides accountability for public investment, so that the benefits of the research being undertaken can be demonstrated, and is significant in benchmarking information that will affect our research reputation.

How is ref calculated?

It is calculated by multiplying the percentage of research in each grade by its rating, adding them all together and dividing by 100. It can be calculated in a number of ways but its simplest form is grade point average x full time equivalent number of staff and this is the calculation used in the power ranking.

Who is eligible for ref?

An output first published in its final form during the REF 2021 publication period that was ‘pre-published’ in the previous publication period – whether in full in a different form or as a preliminary version or working paper – is eligible for submission to the REF, provided that the ‘pre-published’ output was not …

How do you introduce a panelist?

If you must introduce the panelists, here are a few tips:

  1. Keep It Short. Just because the panelist sent you their long bio, “cv” or resume, doesn’t mean you have to read it all.
  2. Know Their Names.
  3. Make It Interesting.
  4. Watch for Biases.
  5. Keep It Consistent.
  6. Memorize It.
  7. Create a Visual.