Do officers get better benefits than enlisted?

Officers will start out at a higher pay grade than enlisted personnel, though enlisted service members are eligible for a variety of bonuses that can be quite substantial. Officers will also receive higher benefits such as monthly Basic Allowance for Housing.

Do officers get paid more than enlisted?

Officers make more in base pay, enlisted folks get clothing allowances that officers do not, and enlisted get more BAS than officers. However, with over 70 different pays and allowances, total military compensation is about much more than rank.

What benefits do Navy officers get?


  • Full medical coverage.
  • Full dental coverage.
  • Discounted travel.
  • 30 days’ paid vacation each year.
  • Up to $4,500 a year in tuition assistance.
  • Up to $400,000 in life and injury insurance for only $25 a month.
  • Opportunities to earn advanced degrees at the Navy’s expense.

Do officers get more Bah than enlisted?

Enlisted personnel have always received higher BAS than officers. Enlisted ranks, on the other hand, usually came from lower socio-economic groups and were provided meals as part of their overall meager compensation for military service.

Can you become an officer while enlisted?

Luckily, all five branches of the armed forces have made it possible for an enlisted service member to become an officer. The specifics of Officer Candidate School vary from branch to branch. However, for most, enlisted service members must have a four-year college degree to be recommended for OCS.

Can an officer be married to an enlisted?

Military Marriage Rules A set of rules also govern “military fraternization.” Among other prohibitions, those rules generally say that an enlisted member and an officer cannot marry. For example, if two military members are married and one of them later becomes an officer, the relationship is acceptable.

How much does an E-4 make?

Basic pay chart and raises

Years of Service
E-3 $2,103.90 $2,371.80
E-4 $2,330.40 $2,829.00
E-6 $2,774.40 $3,455.40

What is the highest paid military salary?

The highest-paid rank in the U.S. military is O-10, which includes four-star generals and admirals. The monthly base pay for this rank with 20 years of service is $16,608.30, and this will not be eligible for increase regardless of continued time in service.

Do you get paid more as an enlisted sailor in the Navy?

Not surprisingly, officers in the Navy earn more than enlisted sailors. “ In the Navy and other branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, pay is dependent upon rank and years of service ,” explains the Navy.

What are the advantages of being a military officer?

Veteran officers have two big advantages in the job market: a college degree and proven management experience. Though enlisted veterans may also earn degrees, and many are outstanding leaders, it seems a number of major companies are being “vet friendly” by ignoring the enlisted and targeting junior military officers –- lieutenants and captains.

What’s the difference between enlisted and officer in the military?

Both enlisted and officer careers provide rewarding experiences, educational and training benefits, and competitive compensation, but the requirements, commitments, and responsibilities are different for enlisted service members vs. officers.

What kind of benefits do you get in the Navy?

Find out how much you can qualify for. Your Navy service will never go unrecognized, with pay and benefits that rival the private sector. Earn to support yourself, your family, your ambitions and your future. Receive reliable insurance, retirement coverage, education opportunities and perks you never even considered.