Do Facebook ads have a character limit?

Facebook generally has the same character limit across all ad types, with the exception of carousel ads and in-stream video ads.

What is forbidden in Facebook ads?

Facebook bans all ads depicting or selling drugs, even if they’re technically legal. So don’t try to sell prescription medication on Facebook. Any recreational or illegal drugs are strictly forbidden from Facebook ads, and so are images or videos that depict their use.

What has the highest text character limit Facebook?

Facebook Character Limit Facebook offers a generous character limit of 63,206. However, you should aim to keep your posts to a sentence or two for better engagement. Facebook’s character limit on status updates is 63,206.

What words are banned on Facebook ads?

Inappropriate or Offensive Content Facebook prohibits content that includes profanity, sexual innuendo, and discrimination. You will not be allowed to run any ads that contain this type of content, so keep it out of your copy and creative.

What is the best size for Facebook ads?

1080 x 1080 pixels
Recommended Facebook ad image size: The best size for Facebook ad is at least 1080 x 1080 pixels, but it’s best to use the highest resolution that meets the ratio requirements since there is no maximum resolution. Recommended Facebook ad aspect ratio: 1.91:1 to 1:1. In general, ratios from 1.91:1 to 4:5 are supported.

Why are Facebook ads disapproved?

Before your ad can run, Facebook staff review targeting, content, and positioning, in addition to your ad’s landing page. Though Facebook differentiates between “prohibited” content and “restricted” content, and problems with your creative or targeting, all and more can get your ad disapproved.

What has the highest text character limit?

160 characters
The maximum length of a text message is 160 characters as long as you use standard 7 bit characters. Once you use a character that is not in the 7 bit encoding list, your maximum number of characters in a text message drops to 70.

Can you swear on Facebook ads?

Ads must not contain profanity or bad grammar and punctuation. Symbols, numbers and letters must be used properly without the intention of circumventing our ad review process or other enforcement systems. Correct grammar and punctuation in the text you use for your ad.