Did Robby Benson ever date Glynnis O Connor?

In 1973, O’Connor was professionally paired with Robby Benson in hopes of fostering a screen romantic team; they worked well together, but the “union” lasted only two films, Jeremy (1973) and Ode to Billy Jo (1976). …

Who is Robby Benson’s wife?

Karla DeVitom. 1982
Robby Benson/Wife

Benson has been married to singer and actress Karla DeVito since July 11, 1982. The pair met while starring together in The Pirates of Penzance. Together they have two children, daughter Lyric (b. 1983) and son Zephyr (b. 1992).

How old is Glynnis?

64 years (November 19, 1956)
Glynnis O’Connor/Age

What is Robby Benson doing now?

According to his website, Benson is currently on hiatus from teaching while he develops a new musical “I Hear A Song!” He met his wife, Karla DeVito, when they both starred in the Broadway production of “The Pirates of Penzance” in 1982. They have two children, daughter Lyric and son Zephyr.

Who plays Nana in Hallmark’s Sand Dollar Cove?

Glynnis O’Connor
Sand Dollar Cove (TV Movie 2021) – Glynnis O’Connor as Nana – IMDb.

Who married Karla DeVito?

Robby Bensonm. 1982
Karla DeVito/Spouse
Personal life. DeVito married actor, director, singer, and teacher Robby Benson on July 11, 1982. The couple have two children, a daughter and son.

Who is Robby Benson’s dad?

Jerry Segal
Robby Benson/Fathers

What does Glynnis mean?

In Welsh Baby Names the meaning of the name Glynnis is: Fair; good.

Is Ice Castles a true story?

Ice Castles is obviously not a true story.

Is there a real Sand Dollar Cove?

The Real Connecticut Town Filming Location. Sand Dollar Cove was filmed in several gorgeous locations in Connecticut, the same state where the movie is set. However, in the book, this fictional seaside town is located in North Carolina. Founded in 1674, Sand Dollar Cove is a town like no other.

Who is the cast in the Hallmark movie Sand Dollar Cove?

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

Chad Michael Murray Brody Bradshaw
Aly Michalka Elli Everson
Glynnis O’Connor Nana
Lily Jane Milly Johnson (as Lily Jane Chachula)
Michelle Liu Coughlin Laura