Did Robbie voice rex in Victorious?

The main characters of Victorious (left to right): Rex Powers (Robbie’s puppet, voiced by Jake Farrow), Robbie Shapiro (Matt Bennett), Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande), Trina (Daniella Monet) and Tori Vega (Victoria Justice), Andre Harris (Leon Thomas III), Jade West (Elizabeth Gillies) and Beck Oliver (Avan Jogia).

Why did Cat run when Robbie kissed her?

When Robbie says that girls can’t fake that kind of passion, Cat interrupts him by kissing him. She may be using the excuse of trying to prove a point as an opportunity to kiss him because she likes him, and she may also have been very jealous that Robbie liked Trina.

Does Robbie ever get rid of Rex?

She sneaks into Mason’s office and tells a girl named Rhoda Hellberg, who’s been annoying Erwin Sikowitz, to kiss Francis so that he will forget about Rex. The plan succeeds and Robbie gets Rex back.

What is wrong with Cat in Victorious?

The YouTube video further states that Cat on Victorious exhibit traits such as inflated self-esteem, being more talkative than usual, having incessant thoughts, distractibility, being incredibly driven or lethargic and having excessive involvement in activities that could cause painful consequences.

Why was Jade so mean?

Some claim that her behavior could be chalked up to one, easy-to-understand factor: her childhood. “Why do so many people think Jade is mean? It’s cause she had a bad childhood,” opined a fan online. Others believe that the meanness is the direct result of Tori’s occasional outbursts of silliness.

Who’s the voice of Rex in Victorious?

Rex Powers/Voiced by

Jake Farrow voiced Rex, the sassy-AF puppet — or Christopher Cane, if you’re going by the “Blooptorious” episode — but before that, he played everyone’s favorite weirdo Premiere employee, Gavin.

Do Tori and Andre get together?

Tandré is the pairing of Tori and André, (Tori and André). The relationship is sometimes referred to as Anori (André and Tori)….Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

General Information
Shipped Characters Tori Vega and André Harris
Length of Relationship 2010-present
Status Best Friends

Is Rex supposed to be real victorious?

Rex is a puppet, but for Robbie, who finds the term “puppet” offensive, he’s more of a best friend. “Rex is my wants and desires put into physical form,” actor Matt Bennett revealed back in 2010 during the first season of filming this show.

How old is Robbie from victorious?

29 years (November 13, 1991)
Matt Bennett/Age

Do Beck and Tori ever date?

Bori is the pairing of Beck and Tori (B/eck and T/ori). In Tori Goes Platinum, it is suggested that Beck has been harboring romantic feelings for Tori, and they almost kissed. After Victorious, Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia starred in the 2017 film The Outcasts as love interests.

How old is Beck from Victorious?


Avan Jogia
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Born: February 9th, 1992
Character: Beck Oliver

What happens in the cabbie episode of victorious?

This episode takes place right after Stage Fighting, the episode in which Cat kisses Robbie. Notably, after the kiss, Robbie states that he wants Cat to meet his parents. This trip to his grandmother’s house could be a venture for his family’s approval of Cat, after developing feelings for her. After Cat says to Tori, “What are you doing?”

What’s the change in cat’s personality in victorious?

It seems like whenever Cat doesn’t have anything to do with the plot moving forward she says something nonsensical. She’s also lost the bi-polar attitude and her hair is a lot darker too. Her hair is lighter, and her make up is more subtle. Yes! She has changed so much! From her hair, to her intelligence, to her voice.

Why did Robbie replace Cat with Sinjin in victorious?

Robbie asks Cat to be his magician’s assistant for the benefit, and Cat agrees to do it. Robbie wants Cat to come to rehearse the magic act after school with him. It can also be a sign that he wants to spend some time with her, alone or not. Robbie gets mad and replaces Cat with Sinjin when she doesn’t show up for the rehearsal.

How is it that Cat Valentine’s voice sorta changed during the show?

– Victorious Answers – Fanpop how is it that Cat valentine’s voice sorta changed during the show ? in the beginning of this video cat’s voice is so different then the other episodes of victorious and the new show sam and cat is she doing it on purpose or did the makers told her to talk like that ?