Did Michael Moore meet Roger Smith?

Director Michael Moore attempts to meet with Roger Smith, chairman of General Motors, over plant closures in his hometown of Flint, Michigan. At one time, Flint employed more GM auto workers than any other city in the world and provided a quality of life that was unknown in America up to that point.

What was Roger and Me about?

Ex-journalist Michael Moore demands answers when General Motors suddenly closes the doors of all its auto plants in the Flint, Michigan, the city where he grew up. With over 30,000 people out of work, Flint is economically devastated, and Moore aims to track down General Motors CEO Roger Smith to make him answer for his actions. While on the search, Moore also chronicles the emotional effect the closings have had on his family and friends, while violent crimes begin to skyrocket in Flint.
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What kind of documentary is Roger and Me?

American documentary film
Roger & Me is a 1989 American documentary film written, produced, directed by and starring Michael Moore, in his directorial debut.

Who were the three people that Michael Moore thought worked for General Motors when he was a kid?

When I was a kid, I thought only three people worked for General Motors: Pat Boone, Dinah Shore and my dad. Our hometown of Flint, Michigan, was the birthplace of General Motors… the largest corporation in the world.

Why did Michael Moore choose to highlight the economic troubles of Flint Michigan Roger and Me?

His family was affected by the economic troubles too, which was another reason why he highlighted the economic troubles in Flint. 2. They aimed to close the 11 plants in Flint and relocate to Mexico where they would build new foreign factories and pay the workers a lower wage.

What was Roger’s plan for GM?

The new GM he envisioned would eliminate duplication of personnel, improve quality, streamline processes and reduce costs. The problem was that rather than running as a single, unified company, GM had been running like six separate ones.

Why is Roger and Me rated R?

Bad language and violence are limited, the movie does include footage of crimes and of numerous families being evicted from their homes.

What is Michael Moore’s point of view regarding the GM plant closing?

Michael Moore said in an interview “They’re [GM] greedy! You will never hear them utter the words ‘enough is enough. ‘ They’ll close down all the factories in this country if they believe that they’re going to make more money in Mexico and Taiwan.” We see Flint in a time of devastation.

Where is the headquarters of General Motors?

Detroit, Michigan, United States
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Who did a documentary on Flint Michigan?

So it is reassuring to consider a project such as Flint, a documentary film five years in the making. The director, Anthony Baxter, was holed up for long periods at the Holiday Inn Express in Flint, Michigan, capturing 400 hours of footage about one of the worst human-caused environmental disasters in American history.

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Who is Roger Smith GM?

Detroit, Michigan, U.S. Roger Bonham Smith (July 12, 1925 – November 29, 2007) was the chairman and CEO of General Motors Corporation from 1981 to 1990, and is widely known as the main subject of Michael Moore’s 1989 documentary film Roger & Me.