Did Kim Hyun Joong get married?

Kim Hyun-joong is not married, but magazines often write about his love affairs. The singer has repeatedly stated that he is not ready to build a family with any of his girlfriends.

Does Kim Hyun Joong have a child?

Paternity test shows Korean star Kim Hyun Joong is dad of three-month-old baby.

Is Kim Hyun Joong a scandal?

Kim Hyun Joong was also fined 5 million won (approximately $4,500) for charges of assault and battery. The following year, “A” filed another lawsuit for damages worth 1.6 billion won (approximately $1.4 million), saying that his abuse caused her to have a miscarriage and that he had pressured her to have an abortion.

How old is Kim Hyun Joong now?

35 years (June 6, 1986)
Kim Hyun-joong/Age

Who does Ji Hoo end up with?

So, even if Jun-pyo might end up marrying Jan-di in the end, it is Ji-hoo who already has some very cool wedding pics with her. First Love – Last but not the least, Ji-Hoo is the one that Jan-di falls in love with first.

Does Kim Hyun-joong speak English?

Kim Hyun Joong is known as the sleeping god amongst the members. Kim Hyun Joong doesn’t like to speak english because of his weird pronounciation.

Who was Kim Hyun Joong ex girlfriend?

On August 22, 2014, (A day before he was due to fly to Thailand for a concert), Kim Hyun-Joong’s ex-girlfriend, Miss Choi filed charges against him for domestic violence, KeyEast (Kim Hyun-Joong’s agency) released a statement a few days later saying they’d known each other for a 2 years but only dated for two months …

What happened to Kim Hyun Joong?

In 2015, Kim Hyung-joong was swept away to enlist in South Korea’s mandatory military service. Over a hundred fans gathered to say goodbye to Kim as he entered the 30th division for training.

Does Ji Hoo get a happy ending?

While Ji-hoo prays for Jan-di’s college admission, Jan-di prays for Ji-hoo’s eternal happiness. Wedding Pictures – This is one of my favorite moments in the show. Though it was not really a wedding, Ji-hoo still ended up being the first to take wedding pics with Jan-di.

Who does Jan Di marry?

Gu Jun Pyo
Does Geum Jan Di get married with Gu Jun Pyo? The answer is yes they do. But they did not film it as KBS team din’t have time to film it.