Did Cathy Freeman have a baby?

Cathy shares Ruby with stockbroker husband, 45-year-old James Murch. The pair welcomed their daughter, Ruby Anne Susie Murch in 2011 and the trio have formed a tight family unit. “Mum and my husband James were like rocks to me when I was pregnant,” Cathy blogged when Ruby was just 16 months old.

Who is Cathy Freeman’s husband?

James Murchm. 2009
Sandy Bodeckerm. 1999–2003
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Is Cathy Freeman alive?

Cathy Freeman, byname of Catherine Astrid Salome Freeman, (born February 16, 1973, Mackay, Queensland, Australia), Australian sprinter who excelled in the 400-metre dash and who in 2000 became the first Australian Aboriginal person to win an individual Olympic gold medal.

What does Cathy Freeman do for a living?

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Is Cathy Freeman rich?

Cathy Freeman net worth: Cathy Freeman is an Australian former sprinter who has a net worth of $4 million. Cathy Freeman was born in Slade Point, Queensland in February 1973….Cathy Freeman Net Worth.

Net Worth: $4 Million
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.64 m)
Profession: Athlete
Nationality: Australia

How old is Cathy Freeman now?

48 years (February 16, 1973)
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Much-loved Olympian Cathy Freeman has kept a relatively low profile since retiring in 2003. The 48-year-old former sprinter lit the flame at the 2000 Sydney Olympics then spectacularly went on to win a gold medal in the 400-metre event just 10 days later.

Did Cathy Freeman marry?

Freeman was the first Australian Indigenous person to become a Commonwealth Games gold medalist at age 16 in 1990….Cathy Freeman.

Personal information
Spouse(s) Sandy Bodecker (1999–2003), James Murch (2009–present)
Country Australia
Sport Sprint

Did Cathy Freeman retire?

July 1, 2003
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Did Cathy Freeman Divorce?

Olympic track champion Cathy Freeman has split from her husband Alexander Bodecker, with friends saying the 3-year marriage is “completely over”. Last night, Freeman issued a statement saying: “I have decided to split, effective immediately, from Alexander Bodecker.

Why did Cathy Freeman retire in 2003?

In 1998, Freeman took a break from running due to injury. She returned from injury in form with a first place in the 400 m at the 1999 World Championships. She announced her retirement from athletics in 2003.

Why did Cathy Freeman divorce Sandy Bodecker?

Olympic gold medallist Cathy Freeman has split from husband Alexander “Sandy” Bodecker, blaming career pressures and extended separations for the break-up. Freeman said yesterday the split was “effective immediately” and she was now “looking forward to getting on with the rest of my life”.