Can you still get Challenge mode weapons?

No. It’s one of the few ways to actually have things be limited edition. It’s also a way to actually keep people in the game to do the challenge modes before they leave for the expac.

How does Transmog work in Mists of Pandaria?

With transmog, if a helmet looks bad on your chosen race, you can take care of that problem yourself. If you really love that helmet or the entire Mists of Pandaria aesthetic, you can keep it alive well past this expansion. And if you hate it, you can just wear whatever you have in the bank.

Can you still do challenge mode wow?

Mists of Pandaria challenge modes have been removed, with all associated rewards made unobtainable. New Warlords of Draenor challenge modes are available at level 100. The “Undaunted” title awarded for completing every Challenge Mode dungeon with a rating of Bronze or better is now account-wide.

How do you do challenge mode dungeons?

You cannot queue for a challenge mode and must physically go to each dungeon with a pre-made 5-man group in order to begin. From there, the group leader simply sets the dungeon difficulty to challenge mode and once inside there is an orb to click which starts the timer.

Can you still do mop Challenge Mode gear?

No those are gone. It is a possibility that they might come back, but not likely those models will ever be out for grabs again.

Can you still complete challenge warlord gold?

It is only obtainable during Winter Veil, although any you retain on your character will remain there throughout the year until deleted or consumed. Other than from vendors or the holiday daily during Winter Veil, this food can be purchased on the Auction House if you are lucky enough to have someone list it.

Can you mail Soulbound items to alts?

No. Soulbound items cannot be sent in any way between characters.

Can you still do MoP Challenge Mode gear?

What is Challenge mode on Ratchet and Clank?

Challenge mode is an option often presented to the player upon finishing the game, alongside the option to warp back to before the player defeated the final boss, allowing them to obtain any secrets remaining before attempting to move forward.

How do I start challenge warlord gold?

Complete every Challenge Mode dungeon from the Warlords of Draenor expansion with a rating of Gold. Challenge Warlord: Gold is a meta dungeons & raids achievement earned for completing the Warlords of Draenor Challenge Mode achievements with a rating of Gold.