Can you mix food plot seeds?

Be sure to mix together carefully all seeds selected for your mix in order to achieve even plant distribution on the food plot. Many highly advertised premixed seeds are expensive. If there were three different plant seeds in the mix, then there were three times too many seeds for the acre.

What is the best seed to plant in a deer food plot?

Brassicas include many different plant types that whitetails will devour—rape, canola, turnips and radishes are some of my favorites. My favorite blends are Maximum, Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets and Deer-RADISH.

What is the fastest growing food plot for deer?

Late Summer or Early Fall Food Plot Seed Autumn Quick Plot Seed is a fast growing blend of annuals and biennials formulated to be planted from late Summer to early Fall. The Rye and Wheat pop up quick giving the deer something to eat and the radishes and brassicas will continue to flourish on throughout the fall.

What is the best perennial food plot for deer?

Some examples of perennial forages that are commonly planted for deer include various white clovers, red clover, alsike clover, alfalfa and chicory.

How much fertilizer do I need for 1 acre food plot?

We recommend the equivalent of 300 pounds per acre. Stay on top of it. If you spread the fertilizer before you plant, do not plow it very deep into the soil. Anything deeper than the top 1-3 inches of the soil will be wasted.

Should I mow my food plot?

Contrary to what many believe, maintenance on your spring food plots should not include mowing. As spring weather promotes growth of the food plots, the dormant grass and weeds also thrive. The old mindset is to cut down these plants to control their growth. With some annual weeds like ragweed, mowing can control them.

What food plots come back every year?

Perennial food plots provide consistent nutrition throughout the year and with proper maintenance can last three to five years or more. Clovers are predominately the perennials Gamekeepers refer to, however alfalfa and chicory are also important great perennials depending on your location.

What is the best fertilizer for a food plot?

Use 13-13-13 fertilizer. This general purpose, quick-release product gives an equal mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. We recommend the equivalent of 300 pounds per acre.

What is the best deer food plot seed?

Ladino, Crimson and White Clover are some of the most popular seed types for deer. Clover is typically easy to grow and can offer a great source of protein. Clover plots are typically best for early-season hunting.

What is a deer plot?

A deer food plot is a section of land on your property you set aside to grow plants specifically for visiting deer. You can either buy a commercial deer food plot seed mix or make your own.

How to plant the best food plots?

Decide how many food plots you’ll plant and where you’ll put them

  • Decide what to plant in each site
  • Correctly prepare the sites for planting
  • the steps that will take you from no food plots to a high-performance food-plot system are pretty
  • When to plant turnips and radishes for deer?

    These include turnips, kale, canola, forage rape, and radishes. Planting these cool season food plots in late July, early August is perfect timing for developing roots and plenty of forage for the deer season in the North, while summer climates may not plant until September or later.