Can you have a side conservatory?

How close can you build a conservatory to a boundary? Technically, as long as the conservatory is less than three metres high, it can go to the edge of the boundary at the side and the back – considering it doesn’t cover more than 50% of the area around the house.

What is an open plan conservatory?

An open plan conservatory is technically an extension and therefore requires building regulations but a standard conservatory, e.g. dwarf wall and polycarbonate roof is highly unlikely to ever meet the thermal standards required for an extension.

Can you have an open conservatory?

You CAN build a conservatory or single-storey extension without planning permission if: It is a maximum height of 4m high or 3m high (if within 2m of a boundary). The conservatory does not cover more than half the garden.

What are the types of conservatory?

Conservatory types

  • Lean-to conservatory. Sometimes called Mediterranean, this is the simplest type of conservatory and is a good option if you’re on a tight budget.
  • Victorian conservatory.
  • Edwardian or Georgian conservatory.
  • Gable conservatory.
  • P-Shape conservatory.
  • T-shape conservatory.
  • Orangery.
  • Lantern roof conservatory.

Do I need doors between house and conservatory?

Most conservatories are exempt from most parts of the Building Regulations provided they keep the external grade separating doors. If you decide you don’t want a door between the conservatory and your home, a full Building Regulation application is needed – the total building needs to comply.

Does a conservatory need foundations?

A conservatory is a building extension just like any other, so it needs the same foundations as any building work. This means it has to be level and effectively damp-proofed and insulated to recognised standards in accordance with Building Regulations.

Can I remove the door between my house and conservatory?

The short answer is yes, in most cases you can remove the external doors that shut your conservatory off from your home.

Should I knock down my conservatory?

Conservatories can lead to exasperation for homeowners and a sense that it is best to knock the whole thing down. This is a simple change that can transform any conservatory into what it always should have been – a superb room that is a great space all year round.

How can I heat my conservatory cheaply?

8 Cheap Ways to Heat a Conservatory Quickly

  1. Electric Conservatory Heaters.
  2. Electric Blankets.
  3. Invest in High Quality, Thick Curtains.
  4. Invest in Rugs or Even Carpeting.
  5. Use Throws for Your Conservatory Furniture.
  6. Use Draught Excluders.
  7. Heated Airer.
  8. Consider Underfloor Heating.

Can I put a radiator in my conservatory?

Putting a radiator in your conservatory does not require planning permission, but if the radiator is to be connected to the central heating in the main house then it will be subject to building regulations. By legal definition, a conservatory has its own independent heating from the rest of the house.

Which conservatory company is best?

Top 10 Conservatory Companies

  1. Everest. Type: Conservatory company.
  2. Anglian. Type: Conservatory company.
  3. Clearview. Type: Conservatory company.
  4. Langley’s Conservatories. Type: Conservatory company.
  5. Leekes. Type: Conservatory company.
  6. SEH BAC. Type: Conservatory company.
  7. BriteLite. Type: Conservatory company.
  8. Alitex.

Can a conservatory have solid walls?

Can you build a conservatory with one solid wall? Yes. You can have full height brick walls on one or two sides of your conservatory.

What is the legal definition of a conservatory?

Many were large and impressive structures and are included in the list below. In the UK the legal definition of a conservatory is a building that has at least 50% of its side wall area glazed and at least 75% of its roof glazed with translucent materials, either polycarbonate sheeting or glass.

Can a conservatory be added to a house without planning permission?

If you want to add a conservatory to a house, then this falls within the same set of planning rules as any other home extension. These rules, known as ‘permitted development’ rights, allow you to extend a house without needing to apply for planning permission if specific limitations and conditions are met.

Are there any good ideas for a conservatory?

These conservatory ideas – together with our expert planning advice – will help you plan a beautiful addition to your home, adding space, light, and value If you’re looking for conservatory ideas – and expert planning advice to make your project a success – you’re in the right place.

What was the style of a Victorian conservatory?

This type of conservatory was popular in the early nineteenth century, and by the end of the century people were also giving them a social use (e.g., tea parties). Conservatory architecture varies from typical Victorian glasshouses to modern styles, such as geodesic domes.