Can you get coloured car wax?

The Color Treatment® is the only coloured wax in the world, to utilise a special formula of expensive carnauba waxes, fortified with P.T.F.E. The colours available are black, white, silver, red, dark red, blue, dark blue, yellow, green, dark green, brown, tan & grey.

Does colored car wax really work?

You will not see any discernible difference in a colored car wax versus a traditional car regardless of the color of your car. Waxing your car will enhance the current condition of your car while concealing a small degree of any imperfections.

What is the best car wax for blue cars?

Poorboys Nattys Paste Wax Black Natty’s Paste Wax Black is a very unique Carnauba wax that is long-lasting and so simple to use. Natty’s Paste Wax Black gives incredible clarity to black, blue and dark coloured paintwork, as well as protection from UV and the environment.

Does colored car wax cover scratches?

Q – What exactly is colored car wax? A- Car wax that has been made using color additives to match a few select car paint colors; eg. red, black, yellow. As part of paint enhancement, car wax naturally fills and covers minor scratches and blemishes, while at the same time creating a uniform reflective surface.

Is Turtle Wax Color Magic any good?

Not perfect, but generally very good I have been using this for years and generally it works great- the polish leaves a brilliant finish every time, even on my 19 year old car. It can make even mildly dulled paint look near new. Don’t know how it would go on severely faded paint though.

Do black cars need special wax?

Regular waxing helps your black vehicle to retain its value by maintaining the exterior paint and keeping your vehicle looking beautiful. Remove light surface defects. Black paint makes light scratches and minor defects more visible.

What do car dealers use to shine cars?

If you want a deep shine that lasts, (and who doesn’t) your car will need a hand waxing using a top quality wax. Carnauba wax is the best there is. It’s a natural product made from Brazilian Carnauba palm trees. It’s prized for its ability to protect from the sun’s killer UV rays and its ability to repel water.

What wax do professional detailers use?

Carnauba wax
Our preferred wax is Carnauba wax, which is typically preferred among professional detailers. Waxes applied after vehicle detailing sits on top of the paint and help to create deeper hues in the paint with a liquid-like finish.

What car wax fills in scratches?

Buffing an area with polishing or rubbing compounds removes scratches and blemishes, but they also remove wax. Clean the treated area and reapply wax using Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Paste Wax, Turtle Wax ICE Spray Wax or Turtle Wax ICE Seal N Shine. Your preferred wax method will restore shine and protect the paint.

Do they still make color match wax?

The Color Treatment® is currently available in 13 colors, one to match virtually any car color. The colors available are black, white, silver, red, blue, grey, green, dark red, dark blue, dark green, yellow, tan and brown.

Does car wax cover scratches?

What is the best car Polish?

The best car polish is Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Ultra Finishing Polish, which removes swirl marks and light defects as well as producing unbeatable levels of gloss. Polishing your car can be very rewarding when using the correct product and can transform the appearance of your paintwork.

What is the best auto wax for black paint?

Turtle Wax T-11 Black Spray Wax. This Turtle Wax T-11 is among the best auto wax for black paint that you can use to enhance or maintain different shades of black paint. It works great for a variety of shades, metallic black or dark charcoal included.

What is vehicle wax?

Car wax is a waxy substance that is rubbed onto a vehicle’s exterior. It is then allowed to dry before being wiped off, creating a protective layer for the vehicle’s paint and clear coat. Car wax is usually made from a mixture of carnauba wax and other natural waxes. The carnauba wax comes from the carnauba palm tree in the Brazilian rain forest.