Can you 4WD on Bribie Island?

The Ocean Beach drive is in Bribie Island National Park and Recreation Area, 65km north of Brisbane. The Ocean Beach drive starts at the end of North Street. A high-clearance 4WD with low range capability is required to drive this route. A vehicle access permit must be purchased.

How much does it cost to drive on Bribie Island?

One is four-wheel driving along 20 kms of Wooim Beach’s 25 km white sandy stretch. Driving on Woorim Beach is only permitted between certain areas and requires a permit. These permits can be obtained online on the Queensland National Parks website. At the time of writing this, they cost $47.85 for up to one week.

Can you drive to the tip of Bribie Island?

Vehicles are prohibited past this point. Turn around and drive south along the beach for 2.8 km to the Northern Track Access. Remember to keep left of oncoming vehicles and signal your intentions as you would on the road.

Can you get to Bribie Island by car?

Two-wheel-drive (2WD) vehicles, trail bikes and motorbikes are prohibited from obtaining a vehicle access permit and entering the Bribie Island Recreation Area.

Can you camp anywhere on Bribie Island?

To protect fragile areas, camping is only permitted in designated camp sites. Camping is not permitted on the beach foredunes, northern spit or on nearby islands within the marine park. Water taps are located at the other camping areas and day-use areas at Lighthouse Reach and Fort Bribie.

Can you swim at Bribie Island?

Sylvan Beach. Sylvan Beach is one of the most popular Bribie Island beaches due to its safe swimming and family friendly features such as picnic and barbeque areas, playgrounds and toilets. There’s a boat ramp if you want to bring your own or hire a boat and explore the island by sea.

Do you need a permit for Bribie Island?

Areas requiring a permit. You must purchase a vehicle access permit before driving on the following recreation areas: Bribie Island. Cooloola.

Do I need a permit to drive on Bribie Island?

Can you camp on Bribie without a 4WD?

Camping in Bribie. Bribie Island National Park and Recreation Area offers a variety of coastal camping experiences, some accessible by high clearance four-wheel-drive vehicle, others accessible by boat. Camping permits are required and fees apply.

Do you need a 4WD to camp at Bribie Island?

The camping area is on the beach on the north east side of the island and can be accessed via the Northern access track or Ocean Beach drive. A high-clearance 4WD with low range capability is required to access this area. A vehicle access permit must be purchased.

Are there sharks at Bribie Island?

The beach where the shark was found is a popular swimming spot on Bribie Island. While sharks are often spotted off shore, attacks and carcasses being washed up on the island are rare. ‘There hasn’t been a proper attack there in 43 years,’ Mr Brown said.

Are there snakes on Bribie Island?

DEADLY sea snakes are being spotted on a popular family beach north of Brisbane. Marine scientist Michael Savige said he’d seen at least four elegant sea snakes wash up on the shores of Bribie Island in the past month. “They’re common sea snakes but are as venomous as a brown,” he said.

Do you need a 4WD to visit Bribie Island?

These notes are designed to help you tour Bribie Island in your 4WD in an anti-clockwise direction, starting and finishing at the Bribie Island Visitor Information Centre. Initially travel north along the Ocean Side and return by travelling south along the Inland Track. A 4WD Permit is required and no dogs are allowed in the National Park.

Which is the closest 4WD Beach to Brisbane?

An excellent example of some great beach driving is the 4wd section of Bribie Island. About 1.25 hours drive from Brisbane’s south side, Bribie’s 4wd beach is probably the closest sand driving to most Brisbane residents.

Where to go on Ocean Beach Drive Bribie Island?

Set out on this 4WD adventure along the island’s eastern beach from south to north. Along the way explore cool creeks, take a break one of four tannin-stained freshwater lagoons, or stop and cast a line from the beach.

Where to camp in Bribie Island National Park?

There are three 4WD-accessible camping areas on Bribie where you can pitch your tent. We booked a site in the Ocean Beach camping area, hoping that this would mean few mosquitoes (how wrong we were…). To get to the Ocean Beach camping area, it’s a couple or so kilometres from the national park entrance and then some 20km along the beach.