Can I send plant seeds to New Zealand?

Ministry for Primary Fisheries (MPI) spokesperson Sid Pickering says yes, as long as the seed packet is labelled with the scientific name. “Cosmos bipinnatus seeds can be imported with the general ‘basic’ import biosecurity requirements.” A thorough inspection will still be required on arrival in New Zealand.

Can I buy seeds from overseas NZ?

Often the seeds can be imported, but the key to do this safely is for buyers to follow strict biosecurity rules to reduce the risk of introducing new pests and diseases to New Zealand. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure biosecurity import requirements will be met, prior to purchasing.

Can you bring plants into NZ?

We, the EPA, approve new species and organisms such as seeds and plants that are imported into New Zealand. We cannot approve prohibited organisms.

Does purslane grow in NZ?

Purslane is a common weed of waste places, flowerbeds, paths and other places throughout New Zealand.

Can I bring protein powder into NZ?

Australia no longer asks if you have “Food”, but they do ask about dairy products, and Whey comes from dairy, so needs to be declared. Again, it’ll almost certainly be allowed.

Can you send food items to New Zealand?

Mail that may contain risk goods like food, souvenirs or seeds, will be opened and examined and may be detained at the border to ensure compliance with New Zealand’s biosecurity requirements. If your mail item is held because it poses a biosecurity risk, you should get a letter from MPI explaining your options.

Is string of turtles banned in NZ?

These plants are deemed unwanted organisms under the Biosecurity Act 1993 and therefore illegal to be distributed or sold in New Zealand. It focuses primarily on pest plants that are spread significantly by casual and formal horticultural trade.

Can you take plants from Australia to New Zealand?

CITES covers alive or dead plants and animals, and any products made from them. This includes souvenirs. You need a special permit (Department of Conservation) to bring these items into or out of NZ.

Can you import knives into NZ?

You can’t bring any of these items into NZ: objectionable material contained on items like videotapes, films, records, CD-ROMs and in publications. weapons like flick knives, butterfly knives, swordsticks, knuckle-dusters. any weapon which is disguised as something else.

How do you get rid of purslane weeds?

The best method for eliminating purslane is by hand pulling. Typically, a single purslane plant will cover a large area, so you can easily clear large areas affected by purslane weed with only a little effort. Herbicide can be used on these plants as well but work best while the plants are still young.

What Cannot bring to NZ?

Make sure you are not bringing any of these things in to New Zealand:

  • any animals or insects (alive or dead)
  • feathers.
  • shells.
  • plants or flowers.
  • traditional or herbal medicines.
  • fresh foods, including meat, fruit and vegetables.
  • some packaged food, including some kinds of cheese.

Can I take tea bags to New Zealand?

Tea containing honey powder needs to be shelf-stable and be limited to 50 teabags or less per passenger. Finally, you can only bring honey into New Zealand if it is honey that was produced and packaged in New Zealand and the packaging is tamper-proof sealed.

Where to find purslane weeds in the world?

Purslane usually grows spread out flat on the ground. It can be found growing in almost any unshaded area, including flower beds, corn fields, and waste places. It grows all over the planet, thriving in hot dry situations. It will die back at the first sign of cold.

When to plant purslane in the Western Cape?

In the Western Cape it comes up in early November and dies back in Autumn (literally after the first big cold front). It grows quite quickly and thrives on neglect. Parts used: All parts of the purslane are edible, though the lower stems can be tough.

Are there any health benefits to eating purslane?

Purslane has to be the one of the least appreciated edible weeds in New Zealand with huge hidden benefits. The greatest benefit being high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids (known to help prevent heart disease and improve the immune system), a whopping 4mg per gram, compared to .89mg in spinach.

What kind of soil do you need for purslane?

Purslane needs heat and bare soil basically, it is a coloniser that covers the ground. The fleshy leaves are tender and delicious and high in Omega 3 oils. It self seeds happily in the right conditions. Planting Instructions: Scatter sow onto seed tray and do not cover with soil.