Can cancerous moles be skin colored?

Malignant melanoma, which starts out as a mole, is the most dangerous form of skin cancer, killing almost 10,000 people each year. The majority of melanomas are black or brown, but they can be almost any color; skin-colored, pink, red, purple, blue or white.

Is it normal to have a mole on your toe?

People can have moles anywhere on the body, including on the scalp, on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands, between the fingers and toes, and under the fingernails and toenails.

Why is there a black spot on my toe skin?

What is it: When thick callus builds up on the soles or sides of the feet without being reduced and managed, the pressure to the skin beneath the callus build-up can cause damage and bleeding, resulting in a dark spot developing from the dried blood. When callus becomes too thick and dry on the heels, cracks can form.

Can you have a melanoma on your toe?

Melanomas may occur on the skin of the feet and on occasion beneath a toenail. They are found both on the soles and on the top of the feet. As a melanoma grows and extends deeper into the skin, it becomes more serious and may spread through the body through the lymphatics and blood vessels.

Is melanoma common on toes?

Melanoma can also occur in your toenails. This is most common in the big toes of your feet. The cancerous cells underneath the nails can look like purple, brown, or black bruises. These also tend to look like dark streaks that grow vertically in the nail.

What does a black mark on your nail mean?

Another cause of black lines on the nails is a splinter hemorrhage, which occurs when blood vessels under the fingernail are damaged, often due to injuries, such as hitting. More seriously, a black line or lines on the nails can indicate the presence of melanoma, a dangerous form of skin cancer.

What does it mean when your toes are discolored?

Discolored Toes | Discoloration on Toe Skin | Discolored Skin Treatment. It is a natural response to inflammation. PIH may be associated with pink, purple, brown or black discoloration depending on your skin tone and the depth of the discoloration. The raised pink toe discoloration is an indication of a fungal skin infection.

Can a mole on the toe turn into melanoma?

“On the other hand (no pun intended!), they do tend to change more commonly and can turn into melanomas if they are exposed to the sun or tanning beds frequently.

What to do if you have moles on Your Toes?

“Take off your shoes and socks if you are in the dermatologist’s office for a mole check. “Also, make sure you lift up your feet so the dermatologist can examine them, and wiggle your toes so they reveal moles between the toes, if present.”

Why do I have pink spots on my toes?

The raised pink toe discoloration is an indication of a fungal skin infection. Fungal infection may have occurred due to excessive moisture or lack of hygiene around the toe.