At what temperature does POE oil breakdown?

Mineral oil will start to decompose at approximately 350ºF (400ºF for POE oil). As temperatures increase above this threshold, the oil starts to polymerize.

What is 408a refrigerant used for?

16 R-22 is the most widely used HCFC refrigerant for HVACR applications, such as residential air conditioning, refrigera- tion, and other cooling applications.

What is the replacement for 408a refrigerant?

Opteon™ XP40 (R-449A) is a low global warming potential (GWP) hydrofluoro-olefin (HFO)-based refrigerant developed as a direct replacement for HCFC-22 (R-22) and R-404A/R-507 in positive displacement, direct expansion, low- and medium- temperature commercial and industrial applications.

What oil does 407c use?

polyolester oil
R407C units will contain polyolester oil (POE). Check the compressor label to confirm the type of oil in the system. For safe system operation it is essential to remove the mineral oil from the existing system, as R407C is not compatible with mineral oil.

Can R22 run on POE oil?

All new compressors use POE oil and are compatible with R407c and most other R22 replacement refrigerants.

What oil goes with R502?

In refrigerating units charged with R502 a mineral or alkylbenzene oil is usually adopted; these lubricants have only partial miscibility in R502. Identifying alternative refrigerants with mineral or alkylbenzene lubricants having comparable miscibility can greatly simplify conversion of the refrigerating units.

What is 404A made of?

Product summary. R-404A is a pseudo-azeotropic mixed refrigerant composed of the three ingredients R-125, R-134a, and R-143a, and was developed as a substitute refrigerant for R-502 and R-22, used in commercial refrigerator equipment for low and medium temperature ranges.

What is the replacement for R404A?

What are the best replacements for R404A? For cold rooms and other small to medium commercial refrigeration applications, R448A and R449A and R452A or R134a are excellent alternatives to R404A, with from 50 to 65% reduction in GWP.

Is Poe oil flammable?

Flammable limits : Not available.

What kind of lubricant to use with r-402a?

R-402A/R-408A is a mixture of 50% mineral oil and 50% alkyl benzene Copeland approved polyol ester lubricants can also be used with R-402A/R-408A if the system is

What kind of oil is used in R-134a air conditioning?

Polyalkylene ​ Glycol (PAG) – a synthetic oil primarily used in R-134a automotive air conditioning systems. It is more hygroscopic that either POE or PVE oils, but it does not undergo hydrolysis in the presence of water. Polyvinyl Ether (PVE) – a synthetic oil that is being used as an alternative to POE oil.

What should the additive concentration be for engine lubricant?

Depending on the lubricant, the additive concentration may be in the range of 0.1 percent to 0.3 percent of the finished oil for a turbine oil, and as much as 30 percent for a heavy-duty diesel engine oil. The rest of the lubricant is comprised of appropriately selected base oil.

Why does PvE oil have a low dielectric strength?

Like PAG oil, PVE oil does not undergo hydrolysis in the presence of water. Dielectric Strength – a measure of the oil’s resistance to an electric current. A low dielectric strength is indicative of moisture and/or contamination in the oil.