Are WWE 2K15 servers down?

In a very surprising move, 2K Games has confirmed that the servers for WWE 2K15 will go down forever later this month. They shut down the servers just 18 months after the game went on sale. Fans got agitated so they extended the servers for a further six months so they were shut down 24 months after the game came out.

How do you fix slow motion on WWE 2k16?

Increase Processing Priority

  1. Launch the game and Minimize it.
  2. Go to the Processes tab (Details tab in Windows 10).
  3. Select the process which represents the running instance of the game. (i.e. wwe2k16).
  4. Right-click it and select Set Priority | High. Select Set Priority | High.

How do you unlock characters in WWE 2k15 PC?


  1. Alberto Del Rio ’11: Successfully complete all objectives for Money in the Bank ’11.
  2. Batista ’03: Successfully complete all objective for Armageddon ’03.
  3. Booker T: Successfully complete all objectives for Raw Nov 4 ’02.
  4. Chris Jericho ’02: Successfully complete all objectives for RAW Nov 4 ’02.

Does WWE 2K15 have online?

Online Play has seen some of the most confusing changes anywhere in the game. Thus, 2K15’s switch to a “background matchmaking” system, which has players essentially opt-in for challenges from online competitors while sitting in non-online game menus, is an odd choice. …

How do I increase my FPS in WWE 2k15?

Why do I get errors in WWE 2K 15?

Above mentioned were the common errors that the players of WWE 2K 15 faces and their solutions to get rid of those errors. Try the solutions to fix the errors. If in case your errors are not fixed by the given solutions then try to run PC Repair Tool. Sometimes gaming errors arise due to PC/Laptop issues during installation of the game.

Is there a new update for WWE 2K15?

Developers 2K Games have released a new patch for WWE 2K15. The 1.03 update will address various bugs and issues in the game. Developers 2K Games have released a new patch for WWE 2K15. The 1.03 update will address various bugs and issues in the game.

What to do about lagging in WWE 2K15?

Many users are suffering from lagging and lurching issue between attack moves that interrupts the game. This issue can be fixed by disabling the special effects, reducing camera speed or mouse speed. The screen resolution can be changed from 1080p to 720p to fix the bug. I hope this fixes the WWE2K15 lagging issue.

Why does Hulk Hogan freeze in WWE 2K15?

One of the recently reported bugs deals with the superstar character ‘Hulk Hogan’ which apparently has been facing issues in the new patch. The ‘leg drop’ attack of the character freezes during the game play so the only possibly solution can be to change the attack mode to stop freezing.