Are Stephen and Daniel from Gogglebox still a couple?

Initially Stephen welcomed his mum Pat on the sofa next to him on Gogglebox to replace his ex. Now he has the charming company of his husband Daniel Lustig on the small screen. The couple found happiness in their relationship with each other before taking their romance to the small screen.

Did Wayne and Tom from Gogglebox get married?

“We’ve been together for 17 years, so as far as we’re concerned, we’re [already] married.” Wayne adds, “I’d like a small beach wedding and invite friends and family.”

Who are the two Gogglebox guys?

Tom and Julie and their two sons Tom Jnr and Shaun have been on the show since series four, although their eldest son made the decision to leave ahead of series 17 in 2021.

Is Jenny from Gogglebox married?

Jenny is married to husband Ray, who has never appeared on the show, while Lee has been with partner Steve Mail for 26 years. They became friends 21 years ago when Jenny was a landlady at a pub in Paull, East Yorkshire, and Lee was a regular.

What is Daniel Lustig?

Stephen and husband Daniel are both hairdressers, and own a salon together in Brighton, named Lustig and Webb.

Why did Wayne and Tom leave Gogglebox?

But Gogglebox couple Wayne Mott and Tom Walsh won’t be back for the next season of the reality show, they’ve revealed. The pair have ‘three episodes left’ to film but won’t renew their contract with Network Ten after that, Tom told the Word For Word podcast.

Why did the Kidd family leave Gogglebox?

The Kidd family They did not return for season 3 due to availability issues. Stuart died from suicide in May 2018. The season 8 premiere was dedicated to him.

How much do they get paid to be on Gogglebox?

Each Gogglebox family gets paid £1,500 every month, The Sun revealed. They then share that out among themselves. They also get a free takeaway of their choice to keep them fuelled during long filming sessions.

Do Gogglebox stars get paid?

How much do Gogglebox families get paid? While Channel 4 themselves have never confirmed the stars’ wages, according to The Sun, each family is paid the same monthly allowance of £1,500. The paper reported that the family members split the fee at their own discretion.

Who are the couples on Gogglebox who are married?

Baasit and Melissa have been married for eight years. The pair have two children together, six-year-old Amelia and baby Theodore, who was born in December last year. Sid Baasit has been married to Nasreen for almost 40 years.

Why did Chris and Stephen leave Gogglebox together?

At the time of his exit, Chris claimed that he left the show to pursue a TV career, later explaining that he and Stephen had planned to quit together to pursue the new profession. However, Chris has now claimed Stephen “forced” him off Gogglebox, which he says has affected his mental health.

Who is Jenny and Lee’s husband on Gogglebox?

Jenny’s husband, Ray, has never appeared on the show and prefers to stay out of the limelight. Lee has been with his partner Steve Mail for more than 20 years. ‘WOSSY’S ON!’

How old are Daniel and Stephen from Gogglebox?

So, as another series kicks off on Channel 4, here’s everything you need to know about Stephen and Daniel… How old are Stephen Webb and Daniel Lustig from Gogglebox and where do they live? Stephen Webb is 48-years-old and was born on 19 October 1972. Daniel Lustig is four years younger than his husband so is 44-years-old.