Are resto druids good in raids?

Are Restoration Druids Good in Raids? Heart of the Wild, but not all. The main role of a Restoration Druid in raids remains as a strong cooldown-oriented throughput healer with good survivability and tank healing.

Are resto druids good healers?

Restoration Druid is a versatile healer with access to damage, crowd control and robust healing throughput that makes them one of the best healers for Mythic+. Whilst in a raiding format, Restoration druid falls behind other specs in terms of throughput.

What race is best for resto druid?

Best PvE Restoration Druids races & faction

Race % (1+ boss) % (Level 120)
Night Elf 36.5% 13.6%
Troll 21.2% 5.1%
Tauren 16.3% 4.5%
Zandalari Troll 15.1% 3.3%

How do you improve druid healing?

Healing group-wide damage

  1. Use Wild Growth as the damage starts.
  2. Move Lifebloom to yourself if you’ve taken Photosynthesis.
  3. Continue to place Rejuvenations and use Wild Growth as-needed.
  4. Use Ironbark, Swiftmend, Nature’s Swiftness, or Regrowth to save players that will die otherwise.

Is Resto Druid hard Shadowlands?

Generally no problem. Resto is not that difficult, but can feel tedious (it did to me at least), especially in raids, since you need to keep those HoTs rolling. The only thing difficult is, that Resto is a pro-active healer.

What weapon should a resto druid use?

Druids can use daggers, 1-handed/2-handed maces, fist weapons, polearms, and staves. Iconic Restoration Druid abilities: Rejuvenation, Lifebloom, Regrowth, Swiftmend, Wild Growth, and Tranquility. Mastery: Harmony: Your healing is increased for each of your Restoration heal over time effects on the target.

How do I improve my resto druid?

Basic Playstyle for Restoration Druid

  1. Maintain. Efflorescence under the melee group.
  2. Keep. Lifebloom on an active tank.
  3. Use Clearcasting procs to cast. Regrowth on any person in the raid.
  4. Use Flourish as often as possible. Make sure you have cast.
  5. Use.
  6. Apply.
  7. You should be filling your free global cooldowns with.

How good is Druid in Shadowlands?

Druids are one of the most flexible classes in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands in both player-vs-player (PvP) and player-vs-environment (PvE) encounters. In PvE, they are great damage dealers who need some time to ramp up in small fights due to the need to throw damage-over-time (DoT) effects on everyone.