Are cargo barriers removable?

Provide vehicle occupants with a massive amount of protection from cargo items in case of an accident, once the initial installation is complete, the cargo barrier can easily be removed if needed.

Do I need a cargo barrier?

In the event of rapid deceleration, you need to be securely protected from these potentially dangerous loads by a correctly designed, tested and rated Cargo Barrier. The bottom line is that if you carry cargo in your vehicle, you really have a responsibility to ensure that this cargo is safely restrained.

What Do cargo barriers Do?

What are cargo barriers? Cargo Barriers are fence-like or barricades commonly made up of fabricated steel which are mounted behind the rear or behind the front seat to protect the passengers in front from getting hit by bags, luggage and even pets that are placed at the back of the vehicle.

How do cargo barriers keep you safe?

Unrestrained cargo in a vehicle can pose a significant safety risk to vehicle occupants, particularly in a frontal impact crash or a vehicle rollover. This risk can be reduced by fitting a cargo barrier. It will provide a physical barrier that separates the passengers from the cargo.

Will 100 Series cargo barriers fit 80 series?

For example, the 100 series Land Cruiser Cargo barrier will also fit in an 80 series, providing you change the mounting brackets (which is just two new pieces of flat bar with holes drilled).

What is a cargo barrier for an SUV?

Here at KAON, we create innovative 4×4 protection, touring and storage accessories – such as 4WD cargo barriers and pet car barriers for SUV – that are made to last, so you can explore with confidence. What are cargo barriers? Cargo barriers are fence-like barricades that are usually made from fabricated steel.

Who is the largest manufacturer of cargo barriers?

A manufacturer of cargo barriers since the 1970s, Autosafe Industries’ extensive range accommodates for different wheelbases and roof heights to provide barrier solutions for an extensive range of applications – from SUVs and 4WDs, to commercial utilities and vans.

Can a cargo barrier be removed from a multi row vehicle?

Once the initial installation is complete, the cargo barrier can easily be removed if needed. Furthermore, many vehicles can have multi position fittings installed, enabling the barrier to be repositioned behind the various seats in multi row vehicles.

Why do you need a caddy cargo barrier?

Cargo barriers are a cost-effective method of keeping you safe in your vehicle, in the event of a sudden braking event or accident the Caddy cargo barrier will protect you and your family from the risk of unsecured loads flying into the passenger compartment of the vehicle.