USA Civil and related branches of law – Part 2

Labor legislation in the United States began to develop rapidly from the 1870s. in the course of acute social conflicts between large entrepreneurs and those trade unions that resolutely defended the interests of workers. To date, there has been a system of normative acts regulating labor relations, in which federal laws play a decisive role, […]

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USA Civil and related branches of law – Part 1

In the sphere of civil and family law, in most American states, not codes, but laws governing individual legal institutions, or rules of common law. The exception is the state of Louisiana, which operates the Civil Code of 1870, continuing the tradition of French law, and the states of Georgia, California, Montana, North and South […]

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Presidential Directives

Unlike executive orders of the President, for which the tendency is gradually to increase their role in legal regulation of the issues of the organization and activities of intelligence services, the presidential directives gradually lose their once dominant role in the sphere of legal regulation of the organization and activities of intelligence. This fact does […]

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Write an essay

If you pass an exam, this article may interest you. Writing an essay is often scary because you do not know how to organize your ideas or what to write. Fortunately, the French methodology for writing an essay follows fairly strict rules that will give you a framework and reassure you. What does it take […]

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What Are Some of the Problems of Tourism?

Introduction Few individuals would scrutinize that tourism can be exceedingly an unstable industry. This paper will explore the problems facing the tourism industry. Safety is one of the problems confronting the tourism business (Spenceley, 2008). The present populace is maturing maybe like no other in the past. As the time of increased birth rates era […]

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The Physics Of Swimming

Introduction Swimming is one of the prominent fun activities that takes place at the pool or beach. Over the past decades, swimming has gained popularity as one of the Olympic sports games. I this context, swimming has contributed towards the economic wellbeing of the participants thus raising their living standards. Notably, this activity is characterized […]

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